Dr Gareth Owen published by the Royal Society of Chemistry

Dr Gareth Owen, Senior Lecturer in Inorganic Chemistry has recently been published in Chemical Communications, the journal published by the Royal Society of Chemistry who focus on advancing excellence in the chemical sciences.

His paper entitled Functional group migrations between boron and metal centres within transition metal–borane and –boryl complexes and cleavage of H–H, E–H and E–E bonds can be accessed here

In this feature article, Dr Owen, who is a member of the Energy & Environment Research Institute at the University looked at 'the combined potential to transfer hydrogen between boron and metal centres with the formal addition of H2 across the metal–boron bond'; together this provides a powerful methodology. It was concluded that it is possible for scorpionate ligands to be recharged and repeatedly sting, just like a scorpion does. 

This article was also selected by the journal to be featured as a cover page, which can be found here.