From energy to health, and culture to security, we face up to the world’s biggest challenges and bring benefit where it's needed most.

Our research is affecting people and cultures in all parts of the world. Social Sciences research into new justice systems has led to a change in Afghanistan law by their Ministry of Justice. The ideas derived from the research led to a new new justice model which was piloted in different parts of Afghanistan by the United States.  

Closer to home, the development of a series of `Welsh Women's Classics', published by the independent Welsh feminist press Honno with the aim of bringing back into print virtually forgotten texts, prefaced by scholarly introductions. Their impact on the reading public and on higher educational institutions in Wales has been considerable; far more Welsh women writers — the majority of them published in the series — are taught, researched and read today than in the mid-1990s.

Collaboration with local aerospace companies has allowed our technology research to used globally; pioneering mobile communications research has been incorporated into a major new system used throughout the British Armed Forces as soldiers had challenges to reliably deal with the huge volume of data provided by modern intelligence and surveillance equipment. 

In the advanced manufacturing and energy sectors, patented engineering research into furnace design with European energy companies has led to significant pollution reductions for glass manufacturing companies, helping them meet new legislative demands and significantly reducing their NOx emissions. In addition we are at the centre of world leading multidisciplinary research into develop renewable sources of gas to meet a future energy needs.

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Working collaboratively, our Faculties and Research Institutes bring together expertise and facilities to help businesses, communities and policy makers benefit from our research.The optimum of ways of creating and demonstrating impact are continually being explored at USW. We are keen to ensure that our research is relevant. 

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