USW project showcased at Ideascape

Weather vane at Cardiff Bay Barrage

A USW research project will be one of a series of ideas showcased at a public event exploring how technology can be used to enhance Porth Teigr in Cardiff.

The interactive event ‘Ideascape’, which is free for anyone to attend, is part of a research project exploring the physical and digital layers of Porth Teigr as an emerging development. Ideascape is presented by Calvium and follows a six-month research project supported by the Porth Teigr Community Fund.

There will be a number of exhibitors at the event with each stand proposing a question and an idea, with space for members of the public to share their responses to help shape the digital and physical development of Porth Teigr.

USW’s element ‘So much depends…’ has already seen a weather vane being installed on the Harbour Arm of Cardiff Bay Barrage as part of a research project which aims to develop a number of interactive artworks in the Bay. Professor Alice Entwistle, Inga Burrows and Fiona Carroll, who have worked on the USW project, will be showcasing their work and gathering research at the event in September.

They will be joined by a host of other interactive displays and exhibitors. This will include the chance to download an audio trail app to reimagine the history of the Lock Keeper’s cottage, to peer through augmented reality binoculars to see the future of Porth Teigr and to meet a prototype Digital Town Crier.

Ideascape will be held on Tuesday 19 September from 5.30pm to 8.30pm in Porth Teigr.