Clothing the Enslaved in the Eighteenth-Century Atlantic World

National Museum of Wales, Cardiff ~ 8-10 July 2019

Plantation societies were dedicated agro-industrial production zones that sucked in inputs from around the Atlantic world: captive labourers, foodstuffs, packaging materials, and specialised industrial equipment. They also imported huge quantities of fabric: linens and coarse woollens from which workwear for enslaved workers was fashioned.

Clothing the Enslaved (18th Century)Clothing the Enslaved in the Eighteenth-Century Atlantic World will provide a forum in which to discuss the fabrics used to dress enslaved workers in the Caribbean and British North America between the seventeenth and nineteenth centuries. The venue will be National Museum of Wales in Cardiff. 

pasold logo50x41.pngThe event is generously sponsored by the Pasold Fund, the Economic History Society, and the University of South Wales. EcHS logo_50x44.png

Keynote addresses will be given by Professor Colleen E. Kriger (University of North Carolina at Greenboro) and Professor Seth Rockman (Brown University). 

The full programme is available here.

The registration fee, which covers morning and afternoon refreshments and lunch, is £48 for the three-day event. Day tickets are available at £15 for Monday, 8 July; £20 for Tuesday, 9 July; and £15 for Wednesday, 10 July. 

Organizers: Chris Evans and Naomi Preston (University of South Wales) 

To book tickets: Clothing the Enslaved Event