Researcher Development

Every year, the Research and Innovation Services (RISe) team based within the Research and Business Engagement department hosts an annual calendar of events for both research students and staff which is based around the Researcher Development Framework. Some events may be discipline specific but others are about developing transferable skills and will be suitable for staff and students from across the institution.

The Graduate Research Office team are engaged with Vitae which allows sharing of best practice from across the sector as well as the ability to design and facilitate joint events with other Universities in the area. The Effective Researcher programme is a good example of four universities working together to enable research students and early career researchers to take advantage of skills development opportunities that would not otherwise be available.

The USW Research Toolkit is an invaluable source of advice for all active or interested USW Researchers. We realise that sometimes the demands and requirements on you when embarking upon research can be daunting. And equally those with more research experience need a reliable resource to ensure that they are meeting their obligations - such as Open Access.

The University supports the Welsh programme which supports talented early to mid-career researchers, with at least three years’ postdoctoral research experience or equivalent, working in any discipline including science, technology, engineering, medicine, arts, design, social and political science. Since the Welsh Crucible was established, the University has supported eleven researchers through this programme.

The University has also been awarded the HR Excellence in Research Award. This award was made as a result of our commitment to the Concordat to Support the Career Development of Researchers and is a Local Contact Point (LCP) for the EURAXESS network..