Life Sciences & Education (LSE) Cognate Groups

The LSE Research Cognate Groups are intended as cross faculty, multi level research groupings with representatives from a diverse range of practical backgrounds and academic disciplines. 

The Cognate Groups have been formed, with over 300 members, to further promote research into a broad, multidisciplinary areas with the specific intention to develop new exciting ideas for research activity, publication in appropriate discipline related and peer reviewed journals.

Research themes include:

Reading and spelling, Cultural/Religious Diversity, Assessment of students in practice, Enterprise and Employability, Teacher Training, Law (Ethics), Citizenship, Media Communication, Mathematics Education

Cognate Group Lead: Cath Jones

Research themes include: 

Midwifery, Death, Demand management, Genomics, Critical care,  Sustainable human services, Domestic violence research, Health & social care policy, Infection control, Acute care

Cognate Group Lead: Joyce Kenkre

Technology & Applied Analytics 

Research themes include: 

Numeracy,  Medicines management, Biological modelling, Applied Biostatistics, Thermography, Innovations for teaching & learning, Online interaction

Cognate Group Leads: Martin Graff/ Peter McCarthy

Research themes include: 

Biological basis of cognitive style, Psychological aspects of women’s reproductive health, Applied psychology,  Self-confidence, Addiction, Psychological health, Eating disorders, Men’s health,  Pain research

Cognate Group Lead: Bev John


Research themes include: 

Decision making in cancer, Lifespan psychology, Palliation, Dementia, Psychology of ageing, Spirituality, Mental health

Cognate Group Lead: Ian Stuart-Hamilton

Development across the Lifespan 

Research themes include: 

Play therapy, Psychomotor skill acquisition,  Abuse of disabled children, Developmental disorders, Behaviour analysis,  Learning disabilities, Autism, Counselling,  Music therapy

Cognate Group Lead: Ruth Northway

Research themes include:

Sports psychology, Sports physiology, Sports biomechanics, Sports coaching,  Group dynamics in high performance teams,  Goal representation, Perception and action in natural contexts,  Cardiac rehabilitation,  Obesity and metabolic syndrome,  Oxygen transport

Cognate Group Leads: David Shearer / Rich Mullen

Research themes include: 

Policing and victims of crime, problem solving, community policing, Education of police officers 

Cognate Group Lead: Prof Colin Rogers