Humanities Research Institute

humanities v2 The Humanities Research Institute (HUMS RI) at the University of South Wales provides a scholarly hub for a growing team of researchers working in and across the traditional Humanities disciplines of HistoryEnglish (including Creative Writing) and Religious Studies. The HUMS RI embraces the cognate domains of Geography and (Higher) Education, and welcomes the inter-disciplinary colour that colleagues working in these fields bring to its research profile.

Members pursue expert interests in early modern, industrial and contemporary history; and in Victorian, modernist, contemporary and postcolonial literature. Specialists within the RI explore the many kinds of consonance between writing, reading and geo-historical place(s) and are working on projects including the philosophies of textual production and reading; the experiences of first world war combatants; on transatlantic Quaker culture; on text and tactility; on the effects of slavery on industrial Britain; and on the literary forms and cultural functions of Welsh women’s historical fiction.

Our staff and postgraduate students work within our expert research centres and groups

literatureScholars in these cross-Faculty communities come together and find company as individual researchers or work as part of wider cross-Faculty collaborative teams on inter-disciplinary and/or separately funded external partnerships with partners such as Cardiff Council, Cardiff Story Museum, the Welsh Cider Society and Glamorgan Archives. 

Many members if HUMS RI are involved in interdisciplinary collaboration with Creative Industries Research Institute (CIRI). HUMS RI members are also working actively and collaboratively with academics in USW’s Digital Computing, Life Sciences, and specialists in film, television, media and performance arts within the Faculty of Creative Industries.

With a history of producing a high proportion of impact-bearing internationally significant and world class outputs behind us, Humanities at USW boasts an enviable track record of success in the last three UK-wide audits.