Case Studies and Impact

Demonstrating Impact: REF 2014 Case Studies 

This case study details Fiona Brookman's contribution to new methods of Homicide Investigation. Professor Brookman is one of the few academics in the United Kingdom (UK) studying both the nature of homicide and police homicide investigation. She is the only criminologist in the UK to use this knowledge to inform directly methods of homicide investigation in both the UK and the United States (US).

Prof. Brookman's research has produced new insights into the nature and circumstances of homicide and homicide investigation. The first four pages on the Murder Investigation Manual, commonly viewed as the definitive guide on homicide investigation in Britain, are based on Brookman's research on the characteristics of homicide.

The key recommendations of the `hybrid model' of the Justice System in Afghanistan, developed by Dr Wardak, were written into draft Afghanistan law under the title, `The Law on Dispute Resolution, Shuras and Jirgas', by the Ministry of Justice. 

The ideas derived from Wardak's new model were piloted in different parts of Afghanistan by the United States Institute of Peace, by USAID, TLO and CPAU. Preliminary results of pilot studies, in selected districts in Afghanistan, indicate that the hybrid model provides workable solutions to many of the problems that Afghan state and non-state justice systems currently face.

Films and case studies 

Prof Fiona Brookman's research into homicide and homicide investigation

Fiona Brookman, Professor of Criminology at the University of South Wales, is one of the few academics studying both the nature of homicide and police homicide investigation. Here she discusses her current research into how detectives solve crimes.

Criminologist Dr Ali Wardak helps to reform the Afghanistan criminal justice system

Dr Ali Wardak research has helped reform the criminal justice system in Afghanistan. Developing greater cultural harmony and promoting fairer judicial outcomes.