Pure is part of the University's Comprehensive Research Information System (CRIS) and is used to record details of research activity at the institution.

Pure holds all University research activity, allowing academics to develop their research portfolio and visualise the trajectory of their research. It enables the user to record all research publications, projects and activities, evidence of impact and press clippings. Related activities can also be linked together to build a very comprehensive overview; for example a project can link to a publication, that in turn links to an impact statement. Furthermore, Pure enables the institution to monitor research success and respond efficiently and effectively to external assessments such as the Research Excellence Framework (REF).

Access to Pure has been provided to academic-research staff and staff involved in research support. Additional requests for access should be submitted to for consideration.

Open Access and REF Eligibility

Pure assists open access compliance for academics including eligibility for the next REF by enabling research outputs to be deposited in the institutional repository; USW Research Explorer. Please visit the Open Access Policy pages to find out more information. 


Pure – Institutional requirements for academic staff 

The implementation of Pure presents the academic community with a wide range of benefits to assist with their research endeavours, including the promotion of their research portfolio. The University will be able to strategically highlight the depth, breadth and excellence of research conducted at the institution.  In parallel, Pure provides a mechanism for the University to meet internal and external reporting and compliance requirements on research activity and we intend to use the system for this purpose. Therefore, whilst Pure is of benefit to the researcher through maximising compliance and coverage of their work, the majority of HEIs are working towards a mandate for staff for the incorporation of academic outputs. 

Whilst the University encourages academic users to deposit as many of their publications as possible, it is mandatory that users update their Pure profile as follows: 

1.      All outputs published since 1st January 2014 (commencement of the REF2021 assessment period).

2.      All journal articles and conference proceedings with an ISSN accepted for publication from 1st April 2016 (to comply with the USW and HEFCE/REF policy on Open Access and ensure eligibility for REF2021 submission). 

Academic users should also be aware that all outputs uploaded into Pure will be automatically available in the USW Research Explorer (our externally facing, institutional repository) which is discoverable via Google. Thus, the more outputs that are included in a Pure profile, the richer the data that is made available to the USW Research Explorer. Items that are confidential or have restricted access can be registered as such on Pure so that they can be reported, but hidden from public view via the USW Research Explorer.