Pure Support & Training

Pure training is now available. Course and booking details are available through logging on to My Information HR/Payroll site. To book your place click on 'My Personal Learning Account' and search for 'Pure'. Please note booking is essential due to limited spaces. 

Bespoke Training 

We also offer the following training opportunities: 

  • Drop-in clinics
  • Small group training e.g. 3-5 people
  • Larger group training e.g. research groups, research centres.
  • Question and Answer sessions
  • One-to-one sessions

For more information please contact Michelle Evans or telephone 01443 482 666 (extension 82666) to discuss your training requirements. 

Information for New Academic Researchers

If you have recently started at the University, all academic researchers are automatically set up as Pure user. 

1. To log in to Pure visit and enter your university username and password. 

2. The USW Research Explorer, our institutional repository, draws information from Pure and publicises your research profile and publications to the public. 

3. To help get you started in Pure visit our Pure for Academic Researchers page which provides a series of how to guides.