Get Connected - Building your research network

networkingDeveloping networks with companies and organisations to support your research is crucial in order to bring about future collaborative projects. 

Collaborative projects tend to be the output of business interaction rather than the first step, and so the more connected that you are to external organisations, the higher the likelihood of developing successful collaborative projects. 

Support to develop your networks:

  •         Identifying new and existing industry networks.
  •         Informing you of future external events that are relevant to your subject area. 
  •         Attending network events and business meetings with you
  •         Providing sector specific marketing materials


Accessing Industry Networks

There are many established networks which exist for academics and businesses to meet each other. Some are funded by government and their members include Research & Development directors and managers, as well as academics from many disciplines. They often have a common disciplinary theme such as life sciences, photonics or creative industries. Other networks can be regional such as Cardiff University’s Innovation Network and South Wales Chamber of Commerce business network which serves South-East Wales.


Other industry networks include:

·       Mediwales Network  

·       ESTnet     

·       Welsh Automotive Forum  

·       Welsh Opto-Electronics Forum  

·       Innovate UK 

·       Expertise Wales  

·       Open IQE  

Improving your external profile 

Many organisations will be looking to partner with academics that have the right expertise for their needs. It's therefore vital that your online staff profile is as up to date and visible as possible. Support is available to: 

  • Enhance University staff website profile pages in order to attract suitable business partners
  • Improve staff profiles on external networking websites such as Expertise Wales, LinkedIn and Knowledge Transfer Networks 
  • Co-ordinate development of business facing marketing material that communicates the potential benefits of collaboration 

Please contact the RISe team at for further support.