Managing Research Impact

Why is Impact important for Researchers?

Prof_Helen_Langton_profile.jpgThe University of South Wales values research that makes a significant contribution to the regional economy and society. The University has a strong reputation for engaging in collaborative partnerships with organisations in the private, public and third sectors to address their challenges and make a real difference to people’s lives
Helen Langton, Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic Development) 

The impact that the University has on society and the economy through its research is fundamental to the University’s strategy to play a leading role in the community through engaging with stakeholders. The University was founded in direct response to the industrial needs of the region and now delivers a broad range of professional skills and research to meet the future societal needs and challenges in areas including creative industries, the environment and health care. 

The impact of research is increasingly seen as an important factor in measuring research quality and our government funders and independent sponsors expect staff to identify how the academic, economic and social impact will be achieved by their research. A useful summary of Research Impact is defined by the Research Councils and how it can be delivered click here 

Researchers Impact Toolkit

RISe is able to provide support to help you identify pathways to impact through knowledge exchange and other external engagement mechanisms. RISe also assists staff in monitoring the impacts of their research and creating case studies. The Impact Toolkit and resources below will help you to amplify the impact of your research.

An Impact Toolkit of online resources is available to staff to enable understanding of how research impact is defined, how it can be monitored and how to develop research which provides maximum impact. This is not limited to the impact requirements of the Research Excellence Framework (REF) but also takes into account the wider impact agenda. The Toolkit draws upon a wide range of resources including presentations, videos, templates, tools and techniques and provides practical guidance on Research Impact and related topics. 

Please contact by email Lucas Brown or Donna Szarun by email or by phone on 01443 482787 for further support.